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Our Courses

We Host a multitude of different courses through a wide variety of accreditations all over the North East of the UK. Below is our most popular courses but there are many more that we do, if there is any course you would like feel free to contact us and if we cannot provide that qualification we may be able to advise you to someone who can.

We also provide training and testing on most weekend so if that suits your schedule better please let us know.

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CPCS Training and Testing

We can Provide CPCS training and testing for most Plant construction machinery that you may need.

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Construction NVQ's level 2- 6

We offer a variety of construction NVQ's, to upgrade or obtain a new qualification, we can support you with the process and apply for the card you may need.

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HS&E Test bookings

We can book in your HS&E touchscreen test to upgrade your qualifications or cards, we will upgrade the qualification once you have told us you have passed.

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NPORS Training and Testing

We can provide training and testing for almost all NPORS categories of plant and other Construction catagories.

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NRASWA Street Work Training and Testing

We host Streetwork courses monthly, for Operatives or Supervisors, full 5 day courses or 2 Day refresher courses. 

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In-House Training and testing to suit your needs

We provide In-House training and testing for almost all construction and/ or plant needs.


We can confirm we have secured another year of funding with Redcar Adult Learning Services.

The waiting list for the following courses are now open!

If you are 19 or over, live in the Tees Valley area and earn less than 27,040 a year, we may have a course to support your upcoming career choices.

Please contact Redcar Adult Learning Services or contact us directly on 01642 687150.

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